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The Boring Bits

We do our best to get you in the air when you want but there are certain things like the weather that sometimes make it impossible. When you confirm your booking with your chosen airfield they will ask you to give them a call in the morning of your flight to check the conditions. If it is not flyable or you are unlikely to enjoy the flight because of the conditions they will tell you. In these cases your ticket is still valid and you can re book at another time of your choice.

Your voucher will be emailed to you (or to the recipient of your gift) within seven days of purchase. Let us know if the post man has lost it and we will get another one to you right away.

Please understand that helicopters are expensive things to run, so if you confirm a booking with your chosen airfield and then don’t turn up the helicopter will go without you. However as it still has to use the fuel and wear out the same number of bits you will not be refunded in the case of a missed take off. So make sure that you have the dates and times right. Pilots are sticklers for timing!

London Helicopter Tours place flights with the countries top Helicopter Operators who are certified by the CAA to fly commercial operations. The operators hold insurance for all of the flights and their Pilots fully qualified commercial helicopter pilots. So you are in good hands.

There are different types of helicopter that we use and which one depends upon the flight conditions, the number of people and the availability of aircraft (helicopters need lots of expensive looking after). So you are unlikely to be able to choose the red one...for example

Routes will vary as permissions have to be granted during the flight from people like Heathrow Air Traffic Control. You won’t end up in Brighton but might zig-zag around any bits of airspace that ATC don’t want us to go in.

The Small Print

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