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Our tours whisk you along the river Thames for an unforgettable view of London.

Following an introduction and briefing from your Pilot, where the operation of your helicopter and todays route will be explained, you will board your helicopter. With the engines warmed up it is time to depart the airfield and soon be seeking clearance from Heathrow Air Traffic Control for entry into the controlled flight area over London.

We follow different routes depending upon what else is going on in the air over the Capital. It is the most active airspace in the world so expect every flight to be different. Flight times vary depending on what else is going on in the air. We may have to hold for a few minutes whilst jets are cleared into Heathrow below us or change our planned route to avoid a police helicopter involved in a chase. It is never dull. So flight times from Wycombe or Elstree can vary from 45 to 60 minutes.

London Battersea is another option. It is an expensive one but if the convenience of a London lift off is important, it is the only way to go. 20-30 minutes over London.

Your pilot will not only be negotiating passage with Air Traffic Control through the three control areas over London to get you to Canary Wharf and will be pointing out all of the important landmarks that has made London the number one city in the world. From Christopher Wren's St Paul's of 1666 to the just finished Gherkin, you will have a chance to see and record a comprehensive view of London's architectural history.

We return to the airfield for a de-breif from your Captain and perhaps a celebration in the airfield bar.

Your voucher is valid for six months from the date of purchase so that you can call to arrange your flight at your convenience.

Voucher tours fly at weekends only and require the flight to be fully booked. So if you require a specific date for your flight you will need to book a bespoke tour.

Birds Eye Views..

No two flights are the same and you will return with a comprehensive overview of London's historical architectural heritage.

45 to 60 Minutes

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